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Welcome to Megarelief Pain Clinic

Welcome to Website of Megarelief Pain Management Clinic which caters to a wide range of patients, with effective pain management methods. Having the latest medical and surgical therapies for different types of pain means we can treat our patients better and more effectively, thus putting us on the leading edge of pain management.

Megarelief Pain Management Clinic is a unique Pain Clinic or Pain Management Center, conveniently located at Nashik ( Maharashtra ). It is the first multidisciplinary Pain Clinic at Nashik with the facilities...

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Prolotherapy is the natural stimulation of the body to produce collagen and cartilage in injured or overused areas in order to reduce or eliminate pain.

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Conservative treatment

Conservative Treatment

We use local anaesthetics and steroids in a very low dose and at the target level, other Neuropathic drugs also.

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Interventional Treatment

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Our Expert Team

DR. Nilesh Lodha

DR. Nilesh Lodha



Interventional Pain Physician

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DR. Amit Surana

MBBS MS(ortho) Mumbai

FIMISS (Germany),FESS(South Korea)

Interventional Pain Specialist

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